28 Oct

A lot of time has gone by since encountering or being offered these cocks.. So in some cases I don’t remember the exact nationality or owners of these cocks.. But obviously they are all Arabs – no mistaking that!!












I’m alive

28 Oct

Hello dearies,
I am more than alive and kicking.. But between work, travelling, love life and sexual adventures..the time to share stories and photos is really not much at all.

So I will try to pick up from where I have left and I think that was Morocco in the end of August.. Marrakech that is.
It’s always a very intense city, full of lovely sites and sights.
I find Moroccan guys very hot because they have the typical “dog” look or rough street trade if you wish.

But as you may very well know, most comes in Marrakech come with a price tag and as all things Arab you MUST negotiate the deal.

Things are not looking so exciting to me anymore because I’ve done it all.. The whole rubbing in the square, sucking in the souk, kneeling in the mosque garden and sexing up the hammams’ masseurs.
Same as in Southern Egypt, the felucca (boat) sex under the stars, the horse carriage quickies in a dark road, the dangerous public bathroom encounters and so on.

Tired of walking around, intentionally looking for sex – cruising if you will – I am oversexed. I honestly would just like to sit down and have a wank in front of my computer.
But I don’t see myself retiring soon. In fact between Marrakech and now I’ve perhaps had 200 Arabs along the way ahahahahaha

Being Marrakech a thieves-packed city I cannot document much activities as I was always leaving my €900 phone in the hotel safe..



My tits bring all the boys to the yard

14 Aug


Tits are our first contact with the human kind when we are born.
I have personally been obsessed with them as much as I am with cocks.
When I was very young I’d catch any woman’s tits. I’d sneak into my mom’s bed and catch her tits till my father figured it out and threw me out of bed.
I’d catch my auntie’s tits when she was babysitting me and my sister.
I’d catch my grandma’s tits and all those of my older sister’s friends.

I’m more cock-focused now lol
But there is something about straight men and their obsession of tits and I am the living proof of that – no longer on the demand side but rather on supply.

As I have already said, my bf has requested I drop the gym and increase calorie intake (Arabs have a thing for chubby) and the fact I travel so much for work and pleasure therefore I am forced to eat out every single day makes the task very easy.

I have gained a staggering 15 kilos and although maintaining a stocky look I am now very round (shhh don’t tell anyone but I secretly started a diet!!) and the guys just love it! I’ve never been so desired in all my life and although I may not be so happy about how I look now I figure what the hell if guys like it why should I bother?!!

So back in Marrakech I am exploiting my gifts and so are the local men.

Yesterday I went for early morning massage when all the tourists are either asleep or having breakfast and no one is in the hammams and massage parlors.

Was greeted by a young sexy Moroccan with the teeth of a donkey and told him I wanted hammam scrub and massage he took me to the changing room and unlike tradition he made me strip naked and hugged me up to wrap me in the traditional apron.
He led me to the hammam where a young hot dark skinned boy was cleaning up the floor in his boxers and I wished he would be the one who was gonna do me (by all means!!)

I stayed in the hammam 10 minutes when the door opened and thank goodness the dark skinned boy came in. Much to my shock I was soon to discover another breaking of tradition: the massage boys all wear white apron over their boxers… But not him!
He came right up to me asking how I was doing and I just couldn’t get my eyes off that black cock perfectly outlined in the wet apron because he had taken a shower.

My own apron started to move soon.
He instructed me to follow him and made me lay on the massage table for the scrub.
His hands were soft and delicate despite the not so delicate procedure.
On a couple occasion I felt his cock against my hands and I was just looking forward to the end of this scrub to get busy.

Off into the shower he led me and then walked me to the other room for massage and then suddenly a fight broke out. The donkey teethed guy showed up and insisted he would be the one massaging me and the black skinned boy didn’t much agree with that but I suppose hierarchy did it so with a sad voice and a sweet smile the black boy told me “next time” and I asked his name before he left.

I immediately noticed the other boy was in fact wearing his black underwear under the apron. Bummer.
Massage started and ended without much excitement because soon enough another client showed up for a massage next to me.. Although at some point he just leaned against my hand pressing his hard cock against it – it was short of impressive.

Anyway, day 2. Today. I got up quick quick to hit the hammam again and upon arrival found two guys standing outside – one of them catching my attention for his height and traditional Moroccan outfit.
Nevertheless I got in and explicitely asked the patron about the black boy but he was not there and he told me to take the tall boy saying “he’s the same as the other boy” which I am not too sure what it meant really.

(Sidenote: it is no problem at all for you to request a specific masseur. If you are a “regular” customer like I may be the patron himself will ask you if you have any preference. Keep in mind two or three or four years ago he himself told me “come early in the morning or late at night if you wanna be alone” adding a wink)

Another horrible boy took me to the changing room and following tradition he wrapped the apron on me OVER my underwear and then I took them off.
Lead me to the hammam where the tall guy was waiting. He had changed into his apron bud I immediately spotted black boxers under it.
Oh well, this is not indicative of anything anyway.

I laid down on the massage bed, no one around and he started his routine.
5 minutes into the massage I started noticing a particular attention being given to my tits. Fast but not so innocent rubbing of my nipples which woke up my libido that the the wet apron could hardly hide.

And on and on he went with my tits.. Rubbing them, squeezing them, lightly scratching them with his nails.
Being so tall his crotch was way out of my hands reach unfortunately.

He then changed position and went behind my head and started catching my tits yet again. This time he had become blatant about it just squeezing them and pinching my nipples gently I have to say I was totally in bliss and had an unmistakable tent in my apron. On a couple occasions I am sure I let out a couple moans because he was making me squirm.

And then suddenly I felt it. Something big, hard and hot pressing against my head. Thank god he told me to flip over.
He made sure to lift the bottom part of the apron as much as he lowered the top part of it basically exposing all my ass. He started rubbing it like there was no tomorrow always standing in front of my face.
I scooted up closer and and his hard cock was just banging against my forehead. His pace was getting hectic as he shyly went from massaging my cheeks to running his fingers down my crazy gently going over the hole and as he reached the hole he started banging my forehead. At that I couldn’t resist anymore and I lifted my head and kissing his cock over the apron and then lifted my hands to grab it. Two seconds later he opened up the apron and freed his cock in from of my face.

It was huge. Long, thick and slightly curved. He went immediately with his finger back to my hole while he pushed his cock in my mouth but even before I could swallow half of it I heard a loud woof, like a bark which was kind of scarey and dangerous and he took his cock right out of my mouth and shot a huge load everywhere on the floor.

I was disappointed he couldn’t last a bit longer but it had been an amazing massage. Unlike most of these guys he went on giving me a good massage and he was being quite sweet too caressing my hand asking how I was feeling and if I was happy..

I am so going back tomorrow morning. I want more of him although I’m still hoping to catch the black guy!!

Goodnight from Marrakech.
Yours truly

Ahmed the bus manager

11 Aug

One story to please the crowd..

I was walking in Ramses street with my boyfriend, our Bestfriend and another friend when I suddenly felt my heart stopping at the sight of my exact standard of a guy: truly handsome, hair full of gel, fake Adidas trousers just below the knees, a regular Tshirt and.. Flip flops. And a huge bump in the trousers. Mmmmm!!

My bf turned around and looked at me with a grin. He knows my taste very well.
The guy must have been around 23yo and was holding a 5yo boy by hand and bought him a shawarma sandwich.

I turned to my best friend to have him look at the guy and by the time I turned around my bf had disappeared.. I looked around and there he was chatting to that hot guy for what seemed like an endless 5 minutes.
They disappeared into a juice bar and when they came out the boy put a paper in his pocket and left with the boy.

My bf came over and said he had given him his number and invited him over to our place to smoke hashesh.

We said bye to our friends and got into the taxi not with high hopes because Egyptian straight guys usually work in a standard way: you catch a horny guy? Do him immediately. 99% of the cases if you swap numbers and agree to meet later or a following day: he will never show up. Sadly over proven fact.

But not Ahmed. We were watching tv back home when my bf’s phone rang and it was him asking directions. 10 minutes later he was there. Handsome and sexy like a dream come true.
He doesn’t even have a cell phone.
He works as traffic controller of those public micro buses so popular in Egypt. It’s quite a low level and dangerous jobs because those drivers are completely fucked up.

Anyway, I let them smoke hashesh I had just a couple puffs to avoid being rude and after around 15 minutes my bf said he wanted to guy buying cigarettes and food for the munchies so he left me there all alone with him.

I got close to him on the couch and played a music channel where semi naked Lebanese women are often showing and soon enough came the infamous video that has gotten other guys horny before.
And Ahmed was no different. He started saying how that girl was hot and how her tits were big and occasionally grabbing his bulge that looked just delicious.

Right then and there I decided to attack and told him “I have much more interesting videos in my phone” and he asked to see. I played one of the many straight sex videos I have and the tent started to show. He grabbed it and shifted it.
I asked him “are you horny?” At this point he stopped talking and just answered everything in the very typical Egyptian style: biting his lip while tilting the head and winking
And grabbing the hard cock.

This was no case that required endless talk I just ordered him: SHOW ME
In no time he grabbed the elastic band of the trousers and lowered it. A fat hard nicely sized cock popped out.

My hand went automatically to it. It was so hot and meaty. He kept biting his lip while I told him how nice and big it was.
I ran to the room to turn on my hidden video device I couldn’t let this one go undocumented. Went back to him: seeing him there on the couch with his cock sticking out like that was such a view.

I took him by hand to the room and put him on the bed and immediately went down to suck it.
He moaned so much but I would suck him and stop because I wanted to enjoy him. His cock grew more and more. His balls were big and full.

I had him stand up and remove the trousers and underwear and then back to sucking him.

Looking up at him, biting his lips and winking at me. And his cock still growing and getting harder. Throbbing.
I needed to make him explode. I really needed to.

I started giving him the blowjob of his life and I felt he was loving it when I increased the pace and deep throated him and he started moaning and shaking until he shot a huge load over my face.
God how hot.

I escorted him to the bathroom and while he pissed and washed his dick in the sink (??!!!!) I pretended to get on the phone and grabbed a photo of him..
That I will attach for you..

The video is much more interesting and I won’t even tell you how many times I had already wanked while watching it lol




11 Aug

My wait will very soon be rewarded. Almost two months in Europe surrounded by white men.. It’s been tough on me..

Only three Arabs in these two months for me and that’s a record low..
My boyfriend, the Kuwaiti giant who has come to visit me and then a “boredom lay” from Saudi Arabia while I was in Madrid during gay pride week which was a total turn off for Yours Truly who would gladly shower all those disco queens wearing tank tops, skimpy swimming trunks and volleyball socks with high octane gasoline and set them on fire.

Here is a photo of the Saudi guy, friend of a friend of mine from the Gulf area. Undeniably a nice cock.


One night in Madrid some Arab friends dragged me to a “bear party” and I fall into this gay category so it was an inferno for me. I was chased and harassed all night, I had circle jerk sessions around me in the toilet while I tried to take a piss at the urinal.
At some point I engaged my Arabs as bodyguards to shield me through the overpacked disco full if topless hairy beefy bears like I was Madonna making her way to the stadium.

I endured this drama for roughly two hours and them I just ran away like I was on fire.
My bf who is obviously into this type (why else he would be with me?!) has been furious all week because both at the party and in the streets they were all checking me out and trying to talk to me and I was walking straight like they didn’t even exist – except a couple occasions when I had to return some favors to my bf so I picked up a couple of giant daddy bears for him to enjoy lol

But back to the main point: my reward
24 hours separate me from a flight to Morocco.
Ahhhh. Morocco. What a place.
Love it and hate it. It certainly is packed with horny guys although the hassle always makes it less exciting after 48 hours.

I had planned a long 16 days tour but after falling in love with a €1200 manbag from Yves Saint Laurent (still has a moroccan connection) I decided one week would be enough and bought the bag instead.

Will keep you posted.

Life is beautiful

31 Jul

Wow! Oh gosh. It’s been one month without posting. Sorry guys but I’ve been overly busy since I got back to Europe.. A needy family, trying to make our home look as one after more than a year of trying to find the time (imagine I just bought mirrors last week lol) a European holiday that brought me and my hubby to Portugal and Spain where we capped off with the crazy gay pride in Madrid..

And then back home with more things to do, trips to organize and so on.

There’s been pretty much no sexual adventures for me in this past month being this continent overstuffed with white people and all..

In Madrid I went to a bear party where I risked losing my life with all these horny sweaty bears chasing me every frigging where but luckily I was moving with 5 Arab bodyguards who shielded me everywhere I went while these huge muscular hairy guys looked at me with an expression “why them???” On their faces.

I will try my best to find time to share photos and stories but the time isn’t too much and I gotta use it to enjoy this beautiful crazy life!




Still breathing

23 Jun

Yes yes sorry I know… Yours truly is a desaparecido 😜

I returned to Europe slightly over 2 weeks ago and then escaped for a weekend with the Kuwaiti God and then my hubby came back home the following week and between this and the million things I had to catch up with (including my mother a.k.a Gestapo) I didn’t have time for anything else.

There isn’t many sexual news really and those few I will share as soon as possible.

Right now I must pack my stuff and get ready for what we can define as The European Chastity Tour – I very much doubt I will find zobr to my liking in the next 3 weeks between Portugal, Spain and France – but as you know, I always have my bf by my side so it won’t be a total hunger strike lol

I can tell you that I put all my will and my lube into the Kuwaiti Anal Ripping Project… During the weekend with the bear God and thanks to my friendly dildo I prepared my ass to take his gigantic fist-like zobr in my ass.. (Of better, he destroyed my ass with the dildo)

Apparently my ass was too tight for him to resist longer than 4 minutes which I am absolutely not complaining about.

I walked funny for 3 days and my byproducts were Magenta colored.

But it was worth it.

I promise I will try my best to share all updates ASAP!